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Nativity Connect is a secure login service designed to help members stay connected with Nativity. Available 24/7, this online service is accessible anywhere you have internet access.

With Nativity Connect (also called ‘CCB’ for Church Community Builder), you can:

  • Keep your contact information up to date
  • Set up emergency contacts
  • Stay informed of Church activities
  • View the Church calendar
  • Contact other members
  • Monitor your giving amounts and view, save, or print your giving records at any time.
  • Keep track of your church schedule

In addition, parishioners who are group leaders can reserve rooms and times on the church calendar without contacting the church office. 

How Do You Use Nativity Connect?

To access the system the first time, you'll be sent an email to the address that we have on file. SO make sure we have your correct email address. After that, you'll be invited to log into the system and begin setting up your profile. A lot of the work has already been done for you! From there, poke around and have a look at the system. We think you'll like it a lot.

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Contact Cindy Loverin at or call 508-393-3146.