Log into "Nativity Connect" Here

what is nativity connect?

Nativity Connect is our new online service that is a secure login service designed to help members stay connected with Nativity 24/7.  All members are encouraged to use Nativity Connect for the most up to date information!

Being cloud-based this new online service is accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

This valuable service helps you to:

  • Keep your contact information up to date
  • Keep informed of Church activities, events, group activities, our Church calendar and more!
  • Allows you to monitor your giving amounts and view, save or print your giving records at anytime.
  • Parishioner records exist within one central database of which all groups and other records work. Thus if an address changes, it only has to be changed in one place for all church records.
  • Pledge management also tracks and reports pledges and giving toward pledges like it does for regular giving.
  • All parishioners have access to a detailed church calendar and your own personal and group calendars.
  • Parishioners who are group leaders have the ability to directly reserve rooms and times on the church calendar at any time without the requirement of going through the church office.
  • In addition to rooms and times, parishioners can request resources needed with the room including normal things like tables, chairs, and A/V needs as well as nonstandard items such as a baby changing pad.
  • Able to register and pay for events online
  • Volunteer management helps connect members to opportunities fitting their gifts, passions, skills, and leadership styles. The tool helps leaders organize people and all the details for service in the church. It will give you reminders and allow you to find replacements easier.
  • Event management helps organize and publicize church events, and parishioners can RSVP from any online device at any time.

How Do You Use Nativity Connect?

To access the system the first time, you'll be sent an email to the address that we have on file. SO make sure we have your correct email address. After that, you'll be invited to log into the system and begin setting up your profile. A lot of the work has already been done for you! From there, poke around and have a look at the system. We think you'll like it a lot.

Need Help?

Contact Administrator Cindy Loverin at info@churchofthenativity.org or call 508-393-3146 for more information and/or to address any log in issues you experience.

Get connected with Nativity Connect, if you have not received an email invitation contact Our Administrator Cindy to request for your login access today!