our vision


The vision which God has given us is simple:

We pray, study, and work together so that we and others,ordinary people, can lead Extraordinary Lives through Jesus Christ. We believe that God has called us together to change lives for the better, and our world for the better.

our Mission

In order to realize this vision, we also believe that God has given us a specific Mission.

We establish relationships in which people can become

Secure in the Love of the Father

Shaped in the Image of the Son, and

Serving in the Power of the Spirit,

all to the glory of God and the building of His Kingdom.

We see ourselves and others becoming a group of people so deeply filled with the love of God in Christ through the Holy Spirit that we allow God, the Master Potter, to shape us in the likeness of Christ, and to send us to serve the world in His Name and in His power. We go deep with Christ in order to go deep for Christ. Recognizing that we are all at different places in our spiritual journeys, we seek to help one another to turn towards Christ, to draw closer to Him and others, and to go into the world to serve others with His grace and truth.